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Many traditions throughout the cultures of the world involve food in some way. We often associate specific foods with holidays that are a large part of certain countries cultures, individual places in the world, or the people of different cultures. Following this idea, food is definitely a large part of American culture. To explore something that we thought of as American culture, two of my friends and I went to the Villa, which is a restaurant in Charlottesville that is well known for their breakfast. Eggs, biscuits, hash browns, American bacon, and chocolate chip pancakes are some of many common breakfast foods which envelop the typical Saturday or Sunday morning for people of all ages in America. The food itself is not the only aspect of American culture that we experienced going to the Villa this past weekend either. The atmosphere that people feel anywhere is also unique to the culture they are experiencing. Which is why, in my opinion, the atmosphere in the Villa also reflects American culture. This is especially true for restaurants all around the world. The busy atmosphere that we experienced in the this small but packed diner late Saturday morning was one of the many unique cultural aspects to life in America.

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  1. mamarobertson4

    You have the germ of a great post here, but you don’t quite develop it enough. For example, you make the statement that the Villa exemplifies American culture, but you don’t really articulate in depth how. You also need to make sure you center your image, but that you don’t center the text. Next time you post, include links. The ability to interact with the post and go outside the post itself is what makes a blog post good.
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