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In November of 1979, more than 50 Americans were taken hostage in the US Embassy in Iran. In the midst of the Iranian Revolution, the United States was lead by President Jimmy Carter. At this same time many of the people of Iran were strongly against the Shah, which is why these people became infuriated when President Carter allowed the Shah into the United States to receive treatment for an illness. This was an especially difficult time for the leader of the United States because the instability in Iran tested the United States foreign policies. The hostage crisis was a direct result of the peoples anger with the United States for seemingly supporting the Shah, who was so strongly disliked in Iran. The hostages were kept until January of 1981, almost immediately after a new president of the United States was sworn in; Ronald Reagan. This event was an important event in American history, especially because of the amount of media coverage surrounding the crisis.

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Quote 1) It was recalled how much of a difference could be made between Reagan’s approach to rescuing the hostages versus Carter’s approach.

“The reality was Carter tried to use diplomacy and negotiate with them and that just didn’t work, and then Reagan came in and his whole philosophy was one of military strength.” (3:30-3:43)

Quote 2) The amount of media coverage reflected the vast importance of this crisis, which was translated through the nightly news.

“Every night that was all the news was; it was about the hostages, and maybe nothing even happened that day but that was the focus.” (4:52-5:00)

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