Research Paper Blog Post #1

In regard to my research paper, one of my sources is a book called Nixon (Reputations), by Iwan Morgan. As the title suggests, this book focuses on the reputation of Richard Nixon in the years following the Watergate Scandal. I think that it is extremely important to understand Nixon’s character when talking about the Watergate Scandal which is one reason why this book will be helpful in my research. One weakness of this source is that it doesn’t address the Watergate scandal itself directly, but it is a strong source of interesting information about how the scandal affected Nixon’s reputation. The book is split into 8 chapters, but after looking through these chapters, I think I will find the most useful information in chapters 1 and 2. The first chapter is called “Nixon and reputation”, and it focuses on the negative opinions of Nixon after his resignation. The second chapter is called “The Nixon character”, and this chapter focuses on Nixon’s resulting determination after resigning from office because of these negative opinions surrounding him. The rest of this book could be helpful in looking at certain accomplishments Nixon had after his resignation, but for the most part the first two chapters hold the information that I believe is most closely related to my topic. Although Watergate is not a specific focal point of this book, it’s an important resource because it explores Nixon’s personality and nature after the scandal. This could effectively connect the event, Watergate, with a person, Nixon.

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