Research Paper Blog Post #2

Another source that will be helpful in writing my research paper is called Watergate, A Brief History with Documents, edited by Stanley I. Kutler. I think this will be one of my most useful sources because it is split into seven sections and it has a specific section for some of the main things I want to focus on. First, this book has a section that gives general information about the Watergate Break-In and what really happened, which will be useful for important background information. I think the most helpful section will be the section about how the White House responded and covered up the scandal, and especially about the CIA involvement in this. This will be a crucial source because it’s most closely related to what I originally wanted to focus on which was the role of organizations like the CIA in secret government events and scandals. It is a very useful section of this resource because this is what I am most interested in, in my research about the Watergate Scandal. This source is also very helpful because as the title suggests, it has a lot of historical documents that are relevant to this event. Some of these documents could be helpful primary sources to examine for my research paper. For example, this book includes speeches given by Richard Nixon, and transcripts of the testimonies and hearings involved in the Watergate Scandal case. This book has a lot of strengths as a source for my research paper, and after skimming through it I have not found significant weaknesses, so I think this will be one of my most helpful resources.

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