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Another very interesting source I found for my research paper is called The Women of Watergate, and it is comprised of multiple chapters each of which focuses on different women involved in the Watergate Scandal. Each chapter includes the women’s personal stories, interviews and opinions. The prologue of this book is short, but it is extremely dense with reasons for which exploring the roles of women in the Watergate Scandal is so important. The prologue also explains how women such as secretaries, wives and even a female lawyer on the Watergate special prosecutor’s staff played a larger role in the events than people assume. The prologue of this book even says “So different are these women- and their viewpoints- from each other that it is hard at first to think of them as a group at all.” This very accurately explains the importance of the differing viewpoints in researching this topic. I think this will be a very helpful resource because it gives a less obvious but still very relevant and interesting perspective on this event. These particular differing perspectives create and support an unusual outlook which is a strength of this source. On the other hand, one weakness of this source is that it includes chapters about nineteen different women who played some role in the event, and specifying the most relevant information and people from this book may be difficult. Looking at Watergate from different perspectives will add a very interesting and unique aspect to my research paper.

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  1. Jordan Taylor

    An interesting way into the topic but you should be sure to do the essential parts of the post that include a full citation and an addition of tags. I would be interested to know how the role of women that might have been key to Watergate extended into Nixon’s use of government for criminal means. Another intereting piece but I would love to see a little more focus on how it has helped to shape your inquiry. 45/50


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